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User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
a Yahoo! Local User
Pleasantly surprised: I needed a contractor to build a deck for my new home. I got quotes from several contractors including Chongson. I chose Stanley's (owner's name) bid because it was quite a bit under the quotes from the other contractors. I wasn't really expecting much since the price was so much lower, but I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised. Stanley really did a great job. In our first meeting, I was at first a bit intimidated because Stanley's first language isn't English, but after a few minutes, found out he was very sharp and actually advised me on a better way to build my deck to enhance my house.
I have since used Stanley for a variety of things; plumbing, setting up my home audio system, new bathroom, etc. The guy does wonderful work.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by i love canyon oaks
I met Stanley when I was working in the Cannery in San Francisco. Stanley worked a lot of gigs with the businesses in the cannery and use to eat lunch at our restaurant.
When our real estate agent suggested that we do some remodeling to make our house more marketable, Stanley was the first person that came to mind. Stanley obliged and did a wonderful job for us. Very reasonable pricing and quality work. We are very happy with the work and would recommend him strongly to all our friends.
Something to keep in mind though. Stanley has better written communications than verbal communications. When we first negotiated pricing, he gave me an unbeliviable price. After going through the whole process, I realize that he didn't always process everything during our conversations and has a tendency to say yes when he didn't clearly understand what was asked. He still gave us a great price after it was all said and done :).

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